Morris Haddonfield Appliance Pull 18 Inch Brushed Satin Nickel TK3178BSN

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BrandTop Knobs
Product TypeCabinet Hardware|Appliance Pulls
Item NameMorris Haddonfield Appliance Pull 18 Inch Brushed Satin Nickel TK3178BSN
Overall Length18 5/8''
Projection2 1/16''
Drill Centers18'' (457.2 mm)
MaterialZinc Alloy
FinishBrushed Satin Nickel
ShapeD Handle
NotesProducts should be cleaned only with a soft cloth dampened with clear water and wiped dry with a cloth. Water or soap residue should not be left on the product as the chemicals or minerals contained within will eventually violate the protective coating and attack the finish. Do not use harsh cleaners or waxes to clean the product as the will also attack the protective finish.
Unit of MeasureEach
Base Diameter Width5/8''
Base Diameter Length5/8''
Drill Centers Range18'' - 19.99''
Overall Length Range18'' - 19.99''
Width Range0'' - .99''

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